N O N O . K

  I have been a hair stylist for almost 8 years. I have completed extensive training at Aveda Institute of Portland, Dosha Salon Spa and recently apprenticed for 2 years at Coupe Rokei Salon. 

   Over the years my training and work has been focused on mastering the different techniques of color, balayage and precision cutting techniques. I enjoy a variety of services like men's cut (I'm always looking to perfect a fade). 

   If I'm honest, what I love most is making people feel beautiful and teaching them new ways to style their hair on an every day basis. I know what it's like to be on the other end as a client. Thats what inspired me to go into the industry in the first place. Hair can boost your confidence and change your perspective with one little change.

    Outside of work you can find me working on bridal things or cooking like Ina Garten! I'm always cooking something up! Whether it be food or hair







  4 years ago my life changed when I moved to Seattle. I fell in love with the city, the islands & the bridal industry.

   I am passionate about love, romance, and everything bridal. I specialize in soft glam make-up or as I would like to call it the Pacific Northwest Glow. As for hair- I can make anything happen. I work on site, meaning I travel for lovers, love and my clients! Give's me an excuse to travel around & revisit places or experience somewhere new. 


   Weddings are special and so happy - you can't go wrong. The best part is watching all of the vendors come together collaborating each of their talents for one big day! It's truly magical, I can't imagine doing anything else.


   There are a lot of talented artists out there so I'd to be honored to be your stylist.


Remember when booking- IT'S ABOUT YOU. I'm just here to help you feel bomb as hell, elevated + glow up on your big day!